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Chapter Content and Layout

Chapter 1: How to Power-Up Your LinkedIn Profile

Simple strategies you can implement, right now, to elevate your experience on LinkedIn. Includes modules on how to raise your visibility, connect with important decision-makers, and leverage this online platform to your best advantage.

  • Introduction to LinkedIn
  • Visibility Strategies: Groups, Connections, Recommendations
  • How to Connect with Decision-Makers
  • Establishing your brand online - and how LinkedIn is Different than a Resume

Chapter 2: Resumé Magic: Making Your Story Stand Out

Saving you time and effort with life hacks, shortcuts and formatting strategies. Make your resumé into a keyword-dense strategic document that says, "Hire me!"

  • How to Identify and Include Key Words
  • Format for Success: What You Can Do, Right Now
  • Gaining a Second Set of Eyes

Chapter 3: How to Win the Interview: Understanding the Process

Thirteen Modules INCLUDING Bonus Videos

  1. Job Interview Expectations and Mindset
  2. Have the Interview YOU Want to Have
  3. Change Your Experience, In One Word
  4. Preparation Is the Key
  5. Discussing Your Experience
  6. Turn Negatives Into a Positive
  7. What's More Important than Experience?
  8. Name It, Claim It, Frame It
  9. Answering the Tough Questions
  10. Talking About Your Salary
  11. BONUS: More Thoughts On Salary Negotiation
  12. BONUS: How to Ask For A Raise or a Promotion
  13. Closing the Interview

Chapter 4: Follow-Up - Mastering the Art of the Email

Congratulations - you made it through the interview. Now, how can you make sure your email hits home? Do you send a handwritten note, or not? What's the right move to move you into the role? 

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