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Here are examples of great presentations, strategies for advanced sales techniques, and practical ideas you can implement today. What shows up for you, when you see these skills applied in the videos below? There's a link to take the next step, if you're interested in implementing new ideas on a deeper level. Options include: mastermind groups, one-on-one coaching, training for your organization, and more. Don't stop learning and exploring - there's always more work to be done, when it comes to bringing your ideas to life. Take a look at the examples, first and foremost. And then: see if some myth-busting ideas might benefit you. Finally, learn how to deal with difficult people in a simple, three step process. If any of these videos, or others, make you say, "Tell me more" - just click the link at the bottom of the page, and you can see some terrific options for greater understanding.

AND Now, here are the BONUS videos!

BONUS: Example of a Great Pitch, featuring Chloe Hawkings

Scientist and entrepreneur, Chloe Hawkings, shares her business concept for Yeast Culture Labs. A PhD candidate at Texas A&M, she shares a short pitch on her business idea. What elements do you notice, as she shares her story? How could you use this example to craft your own branding statement, message, or pitch? 

BONUS: Example of a Great Pitch, featuring Matt Kinsel

Entrepreneur and co-founder, Matt Kinsel, shares his pitch for Lynx Toys - an innovative pool solution that's designed to help get kids up off the couch, even when they can't get in the pool. What elements stand out in this pitch? Produced at Texas A&M University, the video includes references to program sponsors (required for the TechStars pitch competition). Don't let the branding keep you from seeing how the elements - particularly the concept of the High Concept and the Empty Chair - are used in this presentation. How could you use these ideas to craft your own message? For more information on Matt, check out http://kinselmarketing.media

BONUS: Credibility, Connection and Expertise

Here's how to be more convincing and credible, by focusing on ways to create real value - and prove your expertise in the process. Don't state the obvious, or waste time trying to convince people of what already exists. Focus on the service that you can provide, and your leadership expertise will flow from there. Here's how.  THIS VIDEO: https://youtu.be/HJFtuOqaCi4

BONUS: Sales Strategies

​Advanced sales skills, incorporating several of the ideas you've already seen, but putting these ideas in the context of the sales conversation. Includes information on additional resources, via my YouTube Channel (you can subscribe via this link). THIS VIDEO: https://youtu.be/leF3Yg5fYrk

Length: 3:45

BONUS: How to Use Context Effectively

A short video on how context is the key to creating an impact, for your next presentation. 

BONUS: Myth-Busting - "Knowledge is Power"?

Information overload: what's more important than knowledge?  NOT A GOOD VIDEO -

BONUS: Three Steps for Dealing with Difficult People

Got challenges with customers, team mates, or your boss? Here are three things you can look at, right now, and change the conversation. Conflict happens, it's a fact of life! Don't let difficult people slow you down. Gain a new understanding and look in the direction of new results, with these three simple steps. Video: https://youtu.be/CM9w-DfKp9c 

BONUS: Stop Saying "Umm" and "uHh" and anything else you don't want!

Step into the time machine, as you look at this important video from the archives. Ideas and techniques for overcoming "stop words" like um, uh, "you know" and others. Guidance on where these unwanted pauses come from, and ideas you can use, right now, to train yourself to leave out what you don't need - and include more of what you do - in your next conversation.

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