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Are you tired of being frustrated, when it comes to your communication skills? Here are four words, and two questions, that can create a real impact.

You've Really Only Got One Job: 
Bringing Your Story to Life

There is a ripple effect in every persuasive conversation, or pitch.

So many times we focus on getting our point across, and we lose sight of the impact of our ideas.

But, for your listener, what matters most is the outcome. Are you asking them to take action that may be difficult? 

On the surface, all changes can be lumped into a pile. That pile is called "pain".

All persuasive conversations are about change, in some form or fashion. But not all change is pain.

Sometimes change is progress.

What kind of progress would you like to make, in your personal communication? What would it mean to you, if you could pitch your idea, your company, your vision... or even just yourself... more effectively?

No matter where you are in life, your success starts with your story! Your ability to get a job, get a raise, get an investor or even just to get a date (!) requires you to understand how to connect with your story. Then, how to connect with the people that matter most. "Your story" isn't about writing fiction, or becoming some "pitch man" - it's about getting down to your authentic story, that real place where the real you comes through - easily, clearly and powerfully. The problem is that no one talks about how to have a persuasive conversation. It's more than just public speaking. Or marketing. Or sales. The conversation is how we create a human to human connection. Doesn't matter really whether you tweet it or tell it. When it's time to make the biggest promise you can keep, it's time to talk 

Maybe you are leading a team right now. Or you'd like to be. Maybe you are working in sales, or marketing, and you know better than anyone that purposeful and powerful communication is the one thing that could really accelerate your impact. 

Sharing your ideas and your vision is the key to  Your Success!

You know what's stopping you: your communication skills.

In my work with clients, ranging from top-tier universities to the boardrooms in Fortune 500 Companies, there's one thing I've learned: communication is the key to real impact. If you can't convey your ideas clearly, concisely and confidently, how are people going to "get" you?

How will they get the value of your ideas?

And how will they know to follow your lead?

Look, if your ability to lead others starts and stops with your rank, office or title, there's something missing.

Maybe you are already a good communicator. Perhaps you run your own business, or a division of your company, or an important team. What's going to take your impact to the next level? 

Going Beyond Titles, Rank and Experience:
Leadership Starts With  Your Story

Got conflict? "Let's talk it out" is the first step. Understanding how to approach the high-stakes conversation - even conversations that can be emotionally charged - requires new insight. It's easy to get caught up in the emotions and perceptions, but beyond what most people are thinking is what most people should be doing! Will you be able to take action, when it's time for you to stand and deliver? When you step in front of the investors, the company, the Board of Directors, or the hiring manager: will you have the confidence you need to succeed? 

Now, you can. And you will. If you're ready to take action. 

The Simplest Message is the Strongest:
Say What You See - and Share Your Vision

Being persuasive isn't about being manipulative, and here's the difference: look at your agenda. If you wish to persuade, ideally you are leading someone to an outcome that is mutually beneficial (your idea helps everyone, not just yourself). Your focus is on service. You wish to persuade your audience towards a positive change: what's best for your listener. If you wish to manipulate, you are only focused on what's best for you. 

When you're able to see that what's best for you isn't always what's best for your audience, you can actually serve at a higher level. Because you're not just serving yourself. When you are focused only on yourself, that's a warning sign that you are working only on manipulation.

It's counter-intuitive, but it's true: focusing on your listener, your audience, is the first way to create real value. Persuasion is the way to share that value. Ideally, that value is mutually beneficial - in other words, everyone wins by moving in the direction you suggest. 

Not every conversation is going to lead to the outcome you want. But you owe it to yourself to have every possible opportunity to succeed. To tell your story so that others can say, "I get that. I want that. Tell me more."

Be persuasive. Your career requires it. 

Your ideas deserve to be heard - not only inside your head, or on your Instagram account. Expressing yourself isn't the same as creating the conversation that changes your results. Beyond the online connection, there's a deeper opportunity available - if you understand how to capitalize on it. That opportunity focuses on relationships. Connection. Influence. And bringing your ideas to life. We all know how to text and tweet - but what happens when it's time to talk? Have you got the "app for that"? 

Because there's an opportunity to take the next step - and learn lifelong skills, if you're ready. 

Stop fumbling - and crumbling - when it's time to talk.

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    The greatest skill of any business leader is communication. 
    Sir Richard Branson said that. But who's helping the leaders of tomorrow to tap into that hidden skill? And what about leaders of today who aren't making the kind of impact they want? 
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    Success Starts with your Story.
    Sharing what you know, and the service you can provide, always begins at the same place. Maybe people see your story online, but when it's time to get down to business, your ideas need to be heard. Recognized. And understood. 
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    The one thing you need to know: everyone has the ability to communicate clearly.
    Powerful communication is within everyone's reach. Your personality type, experience or education doesn't matter. We all have the ability to connect at a deeper level. Some may be more gifted than others, but how can you know your gifts until you really look at how best to use them?

Right Now, You Can Step Up and Change the Conversation ...

​You've seen the other videos. 

You know there's more to discover.

And by now I hope you know that your frustration doesn't have to continue.

Keep one thing in mind: I've helped thousands of people to change their results, and I want to help you, too.


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I've seen the challenges that you're facing, right now. And I want to work with you. Let me tell you why: Because you have a story to tell.

Success isn't something that's "out there", reserved for someone else. No matter what you've achieved, your success starts with your story.

The number one challenge facing you, me and everyone else: authentic communication.​​​​

We have more ways than ever to connect. But we don't know how to really bring our ideas to life. When the moment calls for something more than 280 characters: what's your story?

I want to invite you to an opportunity: an opportunity to access new skills and training, via my entire video course. I believe that these materials could make a difference for you - because I've seen the same difference for so many of my clients.   

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Here are the additional modules and course materials:

  • Module 5: I'll Never Forget the Time When 5:25
  • Module 6: How to Introduce the Unexpected 6:55
  • Module 7: The Source of True Wealth 4:00
  • Module 8: The Nature of Agreement 5:42
  • Module 9: Who Sits in the Empty Chair? 4:15
  • Module 10: Getting to Yes 3:24
  • Module 11: Easy and Confident Conversation Starters 3:45
  • Module 12: Insecurity, Confidence and the High-Stakes Conversation 6:26
  • Module 13: More on Confidence vs. Insecurity 5:01
  • Module 14: Decision Making and Living in the Moment 13:01
  • Module 15: Bringing it All Together 8:02

PLUS these Bonus Video Modules and Downloadable Materials:

  • TWO Great Elevator Pitch Example Videos - learn from entrepreneurs who know how to implement these skills, and follow along as you look for the elements of a great pitch!
  • Credibility, Connection and Expertise - a must-see for any entrepreneur or solopreneur. Here's how to present yourself as an authority, without beating your chest or making people uncomfortable.
  • Advanced Sales Strategies - examples and models for you to follow
  • How to Deal with Difficult People - a three-step process for diffusing the situation
  • How to Stop Saying "UMM" and "UHH" - and "like" and "you know" and other stop words that don't serve you.
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What People Are Saying: Testimonials

“Chris has a gift. Period.”

“That gift is the ability to immediately connect with people and share a compelling story with them in a way that engages and entices them to hear more. This is the essence of communication, and in the business world, it is a critical skill for selling your ideas to anyone, anywhere, at anytime.


"What makes Chris unique is his proficiency in teaching that skill to others."

Brandon Sweeney, PhD
- Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Essentium Technologies. First Place Winner, Rice Business Plan Competition, Houston, TX

“I was struggling to explain what we did..."

"I was amazed at Chris's ability to grasp concepts and reframe them. He was brave and straightforward in his advice but never didactic or pushy. A true pleasure to work with and the results have increased my results and those of others I've suggested seek his help.

"I can't speak highly enough of his work or its value"

Diane Dromgold
- CEO, RNC Global Projects, Sydney, Australia

“Chris helped me to deliver the presentation that changed my life."

“These days asking for someone’s attention for more than 10 seconds is asking a lot! Doing so in the TV series Shark Tank, in front of 5 very successful business people is something more than  challenging. Chris Westfall helped me to develop and deliver the presentation that changed my life. Thumbs up for Chris!"

J. Emilio Cano
- Entrepreneur and Winner, Shark Tank Australia

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Blake Teipel, PhD
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“Focused and Compelling Dialogue.

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