It's time to 
Upgrade Halloween 

And now there's an app for that...

“Introducing HallowCash: the innovative scavenger hunt game that gives kids and families what they really want”

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How can retailers drive loyalty for kids and families at Halloween? HallowCash provides an innovative, patent-pending option for investors who want to provide a safe and profitable alternative to kids on Halloween night. Our fresh scavenger hunt app will keep kids safe, and allow them to access Pumpkin Money - money that they can spend at the retailer of their choice. Isn't it time to bring Halloween into the 21st century - and tap into this multi-billion dollar market? Check out the stats below!

By the Numbers...

Of US Households

Participate in Halloween

41 million

41 Million Children
  • 170 Million Households
  • Spending $8.8 Billion
  • On costumes & candy...
  • Is all that sugar really a good idea?

USA Today says Halloween is big business...

Halloween Spending Image from USA Today

Patent-Pending App Targeted at Families and Retailers


GeoLocation Services Keep Kids Safe and Lead them to the Right Households


Loyalty for retailers

Safety for kids

Opportunity for investors

Where It All Began... Truly a terrifying night in Houston, TX 

The Candyman Image

Halloween night, 1974.  

Deer Park, Texas.

This quiet Houston suburb was the home to the Candy Man - Ronald O'Bryan. 

On October 31, 1974, O'Bryan poisoned and killed his son, Timothy. O'Bryan was convicted of capital murder, and you can read the chilling story here

The founders of HallowCash lived through that night - shaken by the tragedy that happened near their home. And they have dedicated their business to keeping kids safe and healthy on this special holiday. And as you see in the video, during other holidays as well. 

Interested? Learn more by downloading our Prospectus...

A two-way app can be a tricky investment. [NOTE: NEED TO CREATE A PROSPECTUS]

​But you already know that. 

The key is to have something that benefits both sides, with multiple revenue streams built in. 

HallowCash makes money in the following ways:

  1. Avatars - kids can be a clown or a ninja or whatever they would like on the app.
  2. Portion of the proceeds (10% is the envisioned amount) for all Pumpkin Money
  3. Retailers: powerful loyalty program
  4. Golden Tickets

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