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“When you change the conversation, you change your results.” - Chris Westfall

That JOB is the GOAL  
​Are You Ready for Your INTERVIEW...?

Your LinkedIn profile has generated interest. Same with your resumé (or CV) Now it's time to get down to business. It's time for you to jump on a video call, or come in to the office, and talk. Are you really ready for the conversation that can change your career?

My Dad would always tell me, "You practice like you play." As a former Big10 football player, he knows the importance of preparation. In the job interview, just like in the big game, you gotta be prepared if you want to have an advantage. No matter how hard you try, it's impossible to plan out every possible scenario that could come up in your job interview.

The good news is: you don't have to. You can get your LinkedIn profile polished up, energize your emails and go all the way to the final interview - with a new understanding of what success looks like. That's what this new online course is all about: your career success.

If you understand what's really going on in the hiring process, combined with the keys to telling your story in a powerful way, the interview can change.

Transform, even.  

And this course will also show you how to maximize your salary - and even ask for a raise!

You may be nervous about the big interview.

  • You may think that you don't have the right level of experience​
  • Or that you aren't as qualified as other candidates.
  • Maybe you think that you haven't really been well-prepared by other career coaches - and the advice of your friends and family is, well, the advice of friends and family. You need a second opinion!
  • You might be filled with the kind of confidence about your abilities that can cause you to get sloppy, miss a step, and let someone else take the role that really should be yours.  

So how can you strike a balance, between confidence, clarity and curiosity, so that you have an interview that's clear, honest and compelling?

How can you make sure that you give yourself every possible opportunity to succeed?

"I want to win the interview!" I hear you say.  You're in the right place. I can definitely help you with that.

Find out what matters most...

"At the end of every presentation what matters is what your listener does once you’re finished. Chris Westfall helped me to give the presentation that changed my life.."

J. Emilio Cano //  Winner, Shark Tank Australia Season 1

Executive Presence...

"People in my company are always talking about executive presence. They couldn't really define was a very elusive concept. That is until I met Chris and took his class. The concepts that Chris taught helped to solidify the idea of executive presence and make it more tangible. I use the principles that Chris taught every day"

N. Thomas  //  Senior Manager, Salesforce

He's not Like Everybody Else...

Have you ever interacted with marketing and branding experts who offer wildly creative possibilities for what your business could look and feel like? Chris is not that type of branding expert. He's better.

A. Seabeck  //  President, Prosci

Chris has a gift...

That gift is the ability to immediately connect with people and share a compelling story with them in away that engages and entices them to hear more." 

BRANDON SWEENEY, PhD //  Co-Founder, Essentium Technologies

More Recommendations...

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M. Cunningham

"Chris Westfall taught me how to connect with people. He gave me the tools I need to be successful in my veterinary career.

He's the best  - and the best to learn from!"

Changed Everything

Deke Wright, AI Maps

"I had a problem with nerves but Chris definitely helped me with that." We got to watch a friend of ours who met with Chris - it changed his entire narrative. 

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Learning how to relate your story to someone who doesn't share your exact background, and understanding how to pitch your story by "painting the picture". Step back and connect!

New IDEAS Help You to Tell Your Story  GET CONFIDENT in the INTERVIEW 

Over the course of my career, I've helped thousands of job seekers to find new opportunities.  I'm a former MBA career coach, and I've optimized hundreds of LinkedIn profiles. In my writing for Forbes, I talk about career leadership and effective job strategies.

​And now, for the first time, I'm offering new insights to you - so that you can approach the interview with confidence, clarity and understanding. 

​You're probably familiar with my books, podcast appearances and work in various publications. Maybe you've seen me speak at an event. But this page isn't really about me - it's about you.

You deserve to do your best in your next interview. Here's what you can expect in the course:


Keep it simple. Because the simplest message is the strongest: Learn how to be clear in your responses.


Don't over-explain. Learn how to talk about job-hopping, freelancing and more.


Use Numbers to Your Advantage. How to talk about data and responsibility in a way that's clear.

Drop the bad habits, and stop fumbling around with your career.

Have the Conversation You Deserve,
In your Next Job Interview.

Here's What's Included:
Access THESE Fresh Ideas, Now:

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    Over 20 powerful video modules. Instruction and insights on what you can do to bring your history, talents, experience and education to life - even if you've got some skeletons in your closet, or if you're afraid your experience isn't a perfect fit. From LinkedIn to Cover Letters to Resumes to Interview skills - you get it all!
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    BONUS Modules. Find out how to negotiate your salary, ask for a raise or promotion, and more. Cover letters? You're covered. And how to send follow-up emails as well: learn how to leverage a thank you into further conversation, with these time-tested strategies.
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    Practice Exercises. So you can elevate your game, in the interview process. Sample questions and strategies, plus an opportunity to access

Sign up and get started on the skills you need, so that you can interview like a pro.

No matter what your experience level or education, success starts with your story. Turning your work history and skills into a conversation about how you can help your next employer is right where you need to be. So, why wait?

This online course will show you how.

Avoid the Big Mistake: 
Stop Pitching. Start Connecting.

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    How to Handle Your Past. Ever been fired? Got a reference you'd rather not discuss?  Find out how to deal with the tough stuff. The past reminds us, it doesn't define us. Maybe it's time for second chances.
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    Stop over-sharing. Learn how to keep your answers short and succinct - with advice from the US National Elevator Pitch Champion.
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    Get Moving - Don't Stop Now! Discover insights into conversational strategies, so that you can turn the interview into a conversation - and position yourself as the candidate of choice. 

Gain Access to Your Solution...

Sign up and get started on the skills you need, so that you can interview like a pro.

  • Beef up your LinkedIn profile, so that you have the visibility you need
  • Gain insights into effective "cover letters" and email strategies
  • From first contact to final interview - your comprehensive guide to the job search process

No matter what your experience level or education, success starts with your story. Turning your work history and skills into a conversation about how you can help your next employer is right where you need to be. So, why wait?

This online course will show you how.

Your payment is the first step - you'll be redirected to a landing page with all the information on your new membership. Your access to these modules and all the content on the site is good for one year (12 months). Watch the videos as many times as you need, download the exercises, read the articles - and give yourself every chance to succeed.

Get started today and  Have the Conversation You Deserve,
In your Next Job Interview.

Yes, Now it's Your Time to Shine -
“Win the Interview, Land the Job”


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Still Worried that  Your Career

Isn't Worth It?

Beyond information, testimonials and track records, there can still be doubts.

After all, what's worked for others may not work for you, right? You're probably stuck right now, wondering what it's going to take to get your career going in the right direction. 

I totally understand! And: I've been there!

Maybe this program isn't a fit. But just remember, that thought doesn't have anything to do with this course. Because, if you don't like it, you can get a full refund. There's really no risk. 

If there's not a ton of value in this course then I don't deserve to keep your money. But, can I brew some T for you?

  • Your choices and your decisions are why you're not in the job you want, right now. I know that it may look like it's circumstances that have dictated your fate - but no matter what your circumstances you always have choices
  • You can choose to look at things in a new way. You can choose to rise above your circumstances. Or not. 
  • Fighting for the status quo is a great way to stay put. Maybe you don't like your current situation, but at least it's familiar. 

I can't make you want to discover new ideas. To move your career forward. To stop settling for where you are. 

But if you're curious to know what possibilities exist, and you really want to give yourself the opportunity to see things in a new way, make this small investment in your career. 

The ideas are valuable - far more valuable than what you are going to pay. Your career is worth it. You are more than your circumstances. You are more than your past. You have more to offer - if you know how to access your skills.

It's time to take the next step. It's time to move forward. It's time for more.


"When you change the conversation, you can change your career. Why wait to make that change?”

P.S.: Welcome to opportunity. You're joining a community of folks who share the same dedication you do, and that's the first step towards your career success. No matter where you are in your own personal develompent, whatever future you want to create starts right now - Don't miss out!

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