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Thursday, February 20, 2020

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 Leadership Starts With  Your STORY...

Or so I thought.  I went on a very interesting journey that led me to a new realization: 

It's when you drop the story that you find out what's really going on.

Let me ask you a question: how big is a problem when you're not thinking about it?

I met a guy from Cape Town, South Africa. His name is Murray Willcocks. Murray grew up in the ocean, basically. A graduate of the University of Cape Town,  he is an extreme surfer. That means he's only interested in surfing waves that are over 15 feet high.

I was fascinated by this - not only because I'm not a surfer, but because I learned that even a 10-foot wave can weigh as much as 400 tons! That kind of pressure can easily kill a person. All it takes is one wrong move. 

So I asked Murray: When you are at the top of a twenty-foot wave, what's going through your mind? What's the mindset that helps you to make all the right moves? Because, since you're still alive, you've obviously figured that out. 

Might be something really useful for me and for my coaching clients: What are you thinking at the top of a wave?

Was he thinking about:

  • Executing his perfect plan of "left - left - left- right- zigag - left", or whatever it was he had planned to do?
  • Was there a specific attack plan, method or mantra that he used to "psych himself up" or better prepare for what was ahead?
  • Was he thinking about his last ride and what he did wrong?
  • Did he consider what his coach had told him?

What do you think he said?

Here's Exactly what Murray was  Thinking... 


He wasn't thinking about anything.  That's what Murray told me,

Not. A. Thing.

He was in the moment. Riding the wave. 

If he planned to go left, but the wave had other plans, planning wasn't going to be much help. He couldn't focus on the past, or step 16 that would ideally happen three minutes from now. Nope. 

He was, at that moment of life and death, more alive than ever. And the lesson from Murray was: when he had less on his mind, he was at his best. 

He wasn't lost in thought. He was found, at the top of a wave. There was no story. There was just Murray, the board and the wave.

You don't have to be an extreme surfer to see the power inside a single moment. To see the power inside of you. To see beyond the story, if you choose to do so. Wonder what you might find there? 

Discover it in  a special no-cost webinar: I'll be talking with "Culture of Care®" Expert, Jeanette Bronée. We're going to take a look at self-leadership, so that you can lead others in new ways. 

But that journey doesn't begin by memorizing 10 steps, or putting your goals into a brand new mission statement. There's a new story that we'd like to share.

It's the story beyond the story. A place of connection. Engagement. Teamwork.  Where you are ready to surf even the biggest wave. A place where stress and worry take a back seat to action. 

The conversation centers on the true secrets of powerful performance, impact and results. 

Are you interested in visiting that place? Maybe even learning how to live there? It's time to go beyond mindfulness and mantras. Access the place where leadership lives, so you can find new results. And ride whatever size wave you'd like.

Yes, Now it's Your Time to Lead Yourself and Others to New Results -
“Leadership from the Inside Out”


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Join us for "Leadership from the Inside Out"

Thursday, February 20, 2020

9AM PST / 11am CST / 12 NOON EST/ 5pm GMT

Live. Interactive. Personal. Powerful. 

New results are here - everyone who signs up gains access to the recording.

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And bring your questions - for a journey into personal discovery. I look forward to sharing more in the webinar! See you soon,

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