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Beyond the Elevator Pitch

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About this course

Going Beyond the Elevator Pitch:

Welcome to Conversational Leadership

Helping innovative leaders go beyond the "pitch" in a six-week coaching program and online course. Designed to help change the conversation - and change your results, you'll gain access to proven strategies for authentic communication, confidence and impact. If your career requires greater influence, persuasion and leadership, you're in the right place. Gain more customers, take better care of the ones you have, influence your team and drive powerful relationships: it all starts with your story, and the way you tell it. But nobody wants to be "pitched"! It's time to stop pitching, and start connecting.

Regardless of your personality type, these principles will help you to:

  • Overcome your hesitation, nerves and resistance to public speaking
  • Influence the people you care about
  • Tell your story in a way that's authentic, clear and compelling
  • Encourage dialogue, and engage in conversations in new ways
  • Learn how to listen at a deeper level, and respond with tailored solutions for your team, your clients and your investors

Course Structure


How Powerful Conversations Begin 4 Lessons

Persuasion Creates Change

How to start a persuasive conversation. 


Where's the best place to put your attention - especially if you're feeling nervous - before an important presentation or pitch?

The High Concept

Introducing a way to create connection across generations. Exploring the best way to open up the conversation, regardless of audience, so that you can create connection and engagement.

The Big Picture

See it big, but keep it simple. They say the "Devil's in the details" because, sometimes, too much detail can drag you straight to hell. Here's how to avoid that trip.


Connection - Living Your Authentic Story 6 Lessons

I'll Never Forget the Time When

Maximizing a memory: here's how to bring a past experience into the present, and connect your experience to new results.

Introducing the Unexpected

What is it that people haven't heard about your profession, your products or your ideas? Find out how to leverage the unknown to create unexpected results.

The Source of True Wealth

Looking at the number one question in business today - it's a question for customers, employees, interviewers, team members and anyone you wish to persuade and influence. 

The Nature of Agreement

Insights from a scientific study into the nature of agreement and compliance.

Who Sits in the Empty Chair?

Insights into the nature of connection and authenticity. Using the metaphor of the "empty chair" in order to go beyond acknowledgment and create greater understanding.

Kill the Hype and Get to “Yes”

Too much of anything is never a good thing. That's especially true with hype. Don't overstate your story and make your message impossible to believe. Here's how.


Confidence In Communication 5 Lessons

Easy and Confident Conversation Starters

Introducing new ideas doesn't have to be difficult. More ideas on how you can present yourself, your company and your solutions without feeling pushy or fake. 

Insecurity, Confidence and the High Stakes Conversation

How do you deal with your nerves? Is it better to be confident and self-assured, or is a little bit of insecurity what you need to keep your edge? Find out in this video module. 

Capstone: Bringing It All Together

What we've covered so far, summarized and applied in a format that's easy to follow and duplicate.

Decision-Making and Living in the Moment

Where do decisions come from? A conversation with a South African surfer shows how you can "ride the wave" towards a new understanding of how our minds really work. 


BONUS Materials 6 Lessons

Example of a Great Pitch - featuring Chloe Hawkings

Here's how scientist and entrepreneur, Chloe Hawkings, puts it all together. 

Example of a Great Pitch: featuring Matt Kinsel and Lynx Toys

Another example from children's toy manufacturer, Lynx. Here's co-founder Matt Kinsel with the story.

Credibility, Connection and Expertise

What's the real source of credibility? If you want to be seen as a true expert, here's how to start that conversation.

Three Steps to Dealing with Difficult People

New ideas for creating collaboration instead of conflict - and dealing with difficult people.

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