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CEOs Say They Are Desperately Seeking Two Vital Leadership Skills.

Do You Know What They Are?

“Patterns of the past won't help us to create the future. AI  (artificial intelligence) and apps are making life easier...but the future of work is only getting more difficult. So....Are you ready to tap into the most important natural resource of all?”

Your Future depends on your ability to deliver These Critical Skills...

The good news is: you only have to go 'home', in order to find them. Let me explain.

Remember Henry Ford? He revolutionized the way that cars were manufactured.

In the early days of the industrial revolution, patterns mattered more than people. In the factories of Henry Ford, the process was the pattern, and the pattern was profitable. Making sure that every widget, gadget and Model T rolled off the line with consistency meant limiting variables. 

Creativity drove Mr. Ford and others to design innovative systems. And then, they put the brakes on creativity. Innovation was engineered out of the process. Variance meant failure. Variables were identified, isolated and eliminated. Profitability grew, and widgets were delivered.

Ah, the good old days. When cars were black, the air was gray and America was great (for the first time).

Seems like organizations today are trying to solve multiple challenges, with more unknowns, than Henry Ford could have ever imagined.

Once upon a time, people looked at maps to find their directions. Never mind that the map was out of date, and new roads meant uncharted territory. Today, apps like Waze give real-time information - and analysis of traffic based on user feedback, advanced tracking, satellite data and more! 

So, why would you want to plan out a career road map - when what you really need is a new kind of GPS? One that fits for the new road that can always show you the way back home. 

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KNOWLEDGE  is everywhere. BUT:
Knowing the rules of boxing won't help When You're About to Get Punched

Today, work doesn’t follow a pattern. Or, if a pattern exists, machines and algorithms will process that information faster and perform tasks quicker than even the most experienced human worker can. 

Patterns are processed more quickly now than ever before, and that trend is only going to continue. Before you start thinking about Skynet ​and the Terminator, consider instead what makes you more important - and more powerful - than the tech and apps that dominate our lives. 

There are two vital characteristics that exist inside of all of us.


Two soft skills that we don't always utilize. But they are always there.

Waiting, available, and ready. 

The problem is: you can't really "learn" these skills.

You have to experience them, and learn them ...through application. 

it’s no wonder that over 75% of CEOs are seeking these two skills. Here they are:



Creativity isn't  just creative pursuits: The Process of Creation.


Innovation Doesn't Come From What You Already Know


You can only learn so much about innovation - you have to EXPERIENCE it

Are You Interested In Accessing The TWO MOST CRITICAL SKILLS 

In the Information Age?

The Innovation Course is launching May 1st.

It's an opportunity for you to future-proof your career. Come home to a new kind of impact - and humanity - in everything you do. Would you like to create the life you've been wondering about? The journey is easier than you might think.

As a transformational coach, I've helped thousands of executives, entrepreneurs, students, military leaders and other professionals to achieve unprecedented results. Want to know how I did it?

I'd like to tell you that it's because I'm awesome. Or magic. But that's not true. 

I've made a lot of mistakes in my life. And some days are better than others. Probably a lot like you, I"m guessing.

But through it all, I've become a student of transformation. And the only way that you can truly create change - for yourself, your organization, your circumstances and your life - is via innovation. Creativity. And exploring exactly what it means to lead through change. 

Whether you are interested in leading yourself to a new destination, or leading others: creativity is where it all begins. It all starts from 'home' - that place where innovation, creativity, and your true impact...really lives.

Think about it: what is it that you would like to create for yourself?

For your organization?

For the people you care about the most?

It might be useful to understand the nature of creativity, and innovation. So that you can create what's missing. And be prepared with the top two skills that CEOs say that they desperately want.

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    Soft Skills, Hard Facts. The future belongs to those who can innovate. Entrepreneurship is everywhere - from the food truck to the corner store, or from the shop floor to the corner office. Can you innovate? If you think the answer is "yes", how do you know? How can you identify and demonstrate creativity within your team?
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     Creativity Is Everyone's Job. Think you're not creative? Think again. Because if all you're creating is a repetitive process, it's time to press pause. And gain a fresh perspective.
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    Breaking Through Burnout. New ideas, and a fresh perspective, can make a difference. And what really makes a difference is when you see things in new ways. It's time to step out of the training room, and into a place where you discover what innovation really means...on your own terms, and in your own way.

It's Time to Transition to Innovation...

​I've helped launch over four dozen businesses, and my clients have appeared on internationally-recognized television shows. My strategies have turned around careers, relationships, business plans, marketing strategies and more. But not because I focus on what I've done - it's because I understand what people can do. 

In fact, to be more specific: what you can do.

I'm not trying to pump you up, or make you believe that you are a superhero or something. If you're looking for someone to lie to you with enthusiasm, I'm not interested. It's time we brew the T and spill it: the truth is, we are all wired to create and innovate.

Keep one thing in mind: innovation isn't a history lesson, or a research project. Innovation is the solution. At first, you may wonder if you really are creative.  Where does creativity come from, exactly? And - more importantly - where's your next innovative idea going to come from?

Maybe it's time to take a fresh look at your goals.

Your future.

And your potential. 

What would you like to create for yourself?

If you're sitting on great ideas, you owe it to yourself (and your career and your loved ones and your life) to get your ideas out into the world. And if you're not sure if you've ever had an original thought, try this one on for size:

Innovation is never more than one thought away. Accessing your own creativity, and bringing your ideas to life, is easier than you might think. Especially when you know where to look. 

Yes, Now there's an online program that give you the GPS you need


Your Creativity is the Solution to the Story.

Welcome to the Innovation Course. A month-long journey into the nature of CREATIVITY and INNOVATION - designed for those who are - and aren't - "creative". So that you can gain a fresh perspective, re-align your career and tap into your own HUMANITY. Because there's not an app for that!

Video, Audio and Exercises: Ideas and insights, with exercises that will give you more than just information. The INNOVATION COURSE is designed to give you an EXPERIENCE of what your own creative potential really is..

LIVE Interaction: Exercises, live coaching, and insights into new ways of looking at the same old problems. Let me help you to experience a new kind of innovation - the kind of innovation that goes beyond classroom training and creates a culture of greater understanding, teamwork - and market leadership!

What could you discover in a focused, 30-day journey into the nature of CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION? You'll receive ONE YEAR of access to the videos, audio files and exercises, via your own personal login. Sound interesting?

Here's what's available:

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    Over 20 Videos & Audio Downloads: Designed to be easily watched over the course of a month, these 'daily doses' of innovation will spark your own creativity. And maybe even inspire you to try new things :-)
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    Multiple Exercises and Experiences: If you're committed to seeing things in a new way, you have to look around a little bit! Fun and engaging exercises help you to see what's missing. And EXPERIENCE creativity and innovation on your own terms.
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    Time to Shine: LIVE interaction, either via interactive webinar or in-person events, can help provide the coaching your leaders need, in order to thrive, innovate and excel. Find out more below...

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P.S.: it's just a conversation...What have you got to lose? Well, come to think of it...your old way of looking at things. The elements in your past that have been holding you back. Your unwillingness to try new things...The list goes on!  After all, when it comes to innovation and creativity, it's YOUR journey. Are you ready to begin? 

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