Five Day Pitch Course

Get Your Ideas Funded  Money-Making Pitch Strategies  

Solve the funding problem – and get investors to say, “Tell Me More” 

“The FIVE DAY PITCH COURSE points you towards your ultimate resource: yourself.   Gain the storytelling strategies you need and your business deserves.”

– Chris Westfall

This One Conversation is the Quickest Way to Make Money…

Pitching to investors is the fastest way to find funding for your idea. And it’s time for you you harness new skills, if you want to make your message matter. What if delivering an effective investor pitch didn’t require you to turn into a “pitchman”, or feel awkward, cheesy or fake? Authenticity is the key to connection – and that connection is the key to your results. 

For the first time ever, I’m offering you a new way to connect. A new way to access fresh skills.

And you can make powerful changes in as few as five days.

Here’s an avenue that leads to a new destination – if you’re ready for the journey.  Introducing the FIVE DAY PITCH COURSE. Get access to new ideas, now. And find the funding you deserve. 

In as few as five days, you can change the conversation. And change your results.

Entrepreneurs:The Solution to Your Funding Problem

You don’t have to go it alone.Having a great idea isn’t enough. As Stella Adler famously said, “You’ve got to have a talent – for your talent.” That means you have to know how to connect and engage with the people who can bring your ideas to life. I’m talking about your partners. Employees. Team members.

And, most importantly, investors.

The FIVE DAY PITCH COURSE is an opportunity for you to join high-performing entrepreneurs, as we look in one direction: at your success.  Peak Performance means being at your best – even when the stakes are high. What would it mean to you, if you could ask for six- or seven-figures, with confidence? You might be one step closer to getting the fuel you need, to drive your ideas forward. And I want to help you get there. 


  • I’ve coached thousands of entrepreneurs around the world.
  • I’ve been a part of launching over five dozen businesses. 
  • My strategies have helped raise over $100 Million in capital (and counting). ​
  • My clients have shown up on Shark Tank, Dragon’s Den in Canada and even Shark Tank – Australia. 
  • I’ve coached the winners of the Intel Global Capital Conference and the Rice Business Plan Competition, among many others…and now, I’d like to work with you.

Don’t Miss Out on an Opportunity to   Access New and Proven Skills 

What Others Are Saying about Chris Westfall

“At the end of every presentation what matters is what your listener does once you’re finished. Chris Westfall helped me to give the presentation that changed my life.”

 – J. Emilio Cano, Winner, Shark Tank Australia

“Have you ever interacted with marketing and branding experts who offer wildly creative possibilities for what your business could look and feel like? Chris is not that type of branding expert.

He’s better.

– A. Seabeck, Sakura Strategic Partners, Denver

Chris has a gift. Period. That gift is the ability to immediatelyconnect with people and share a compelling story with them in away that engages and entices them to hear more.” 

– B. Sweeney, PhD

 Essentium Technologies

$22 Million Series A Funding 

Your Opportunity to Tap Into Peak Performance:Join the Group Coaching Program Now 

Group Coaching Details:The Path to NEW SOLUTIONS

I’ve never offered a group coaching program like this before. Right now, you’ve got an opportunity to access a unique perspective – and harness a one-of-a-kind opportunity. An opportunity to tap into your potential – get investors to see your value – and gain insight into the true nature of peak performance. 

If you struggle with finding your message, or delivering it, or with just ‘getting out of your own way’, this group coaching is for you. Doesn’t matter if this is your first business launch or your fourteenth.  Innovation doesn’t come from what you already know. Discovery is the path, and impact is the destination. 

Are you wrestling with:

  • Talking about the numbers?
  • How to deal with overwhelming data, and sorting through the numbers you really need?
  • Sorting out all the information from all the rabbis, mentors and mensches who want to give you free advice?
  • Creating a closing that makes sense, and a valuation that passes the laugh test?
  • Elevating your brand message, so it goes from ‘descriptive’ to ‘compelling’ to ‘funded’

A new level of understanding and insight can make this adventure easier than you ever imagined. Let’s take the journey together. 

Join me for a compelling and powerful look at Peak Performance – and how you can turn your pitch into a revenue-generation machine for your business. Ready to sign up? Space is limited: Click here to reserve your spot!

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Access New Insights and Proven Skills 

  • It’s True: my consulting and coaching services aren’t cheap. And they aren’t for everybody!
  • You know your ideas are worth something, and you want your message to matter.
  • You’ve felt the frustration when people just don’t “get it”. But there is a better (and easier) way!

The new Group Coaching Program focuses on Peak Performance – so that you can deliver your pitch with ease, power and clarity. Here’s what’s involved, and included in the 90-DAY GROUP COACHING program:

  • The program begins with our first group meeting on Tuesday, April 9, 2019, at 10am CST / 11am EST / 4pm GMT
  • A self-assessment is required: all participants will fill out a brief survey, focusing on your goals. Why? Because this program is tailored around YOU. Your input is vital to generating your output! You will be taken to the self-assessment as soon as your payment is processed.
  • We meet as a group – LIVE and IN PERSON ONLINE – twice a month online via ZOOM video conference. This 90-DAY GROUP COACHING program lasts from April through June 21, 2019.
  • Video call information, with dial-in numbers and international access numbers, will be provided prior to each call. So, even if you can’t be in front of a computer screen, you can still join the conversation. 
  • Worried about missing a call? All group calls are recorded, and you have exclusive access to the recordings!
  • Video instruction is a key component of our work together: each week, Chris will send out important video content for your review and consideration. 
  • Participants will be put into “Accountability Partnerships”. These small groups – of two or three participants – are created to reinforce the main ideas of the program, and to expand your learning. By focusing on service, outside of our whole-group meetings, you will discover new insights and increase retention for yourself and for others. 
  • Don’t want an accountability partner? You can opt-out of this portion, if it’s not a fit for you. But consider: having a partner (or two) can help you to see things in a new way – as you serve others – via guided instruction on accountability, service and support (the key components of team building and leadership!)
  • Your personal access to EXCLUSIVE video content, with at least one new video sent out each week
  • Email access to ME: get your questions answered, and discover your next steps!

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NO Risk:Get a full refund for the first 30 days!

Clients include:

  • checkImpact.Chris Westfall has been a part of launching over five dozen businesses – and counting.
  • checkResults. Transforming brands on four continents. And raising over $100 million in capital.
  • checkC-Suite Strategy. Find out how to access peak performance, in any circumstance, with confidence.
  • checkSatisfaction Guaranteed. Get a full refund in the first 30 days, no questions asked. That means no risk!

FAQs: What’s Included?

How does this program work? Can you REALLY access all of it in FIVE DAYS?This FIVE DAY PITCH COURSE begins with a self-assessment, a simple 13-question survey that identifies who you are – and where you’d like to go. The personal input is vital, as the program will be tailored to the participants. 

The​ course materials are designed to be consumed in as little as FIVE DAYS. But you will have access to all materials for ONE FULL YEAR. Here’s what’s included

  • Video instruction
  • Exercises and assignments for you to try out
  • LIVE WEBINARS: Every day, to provide you with guidance and answer your questions LIVE 
  • Special guests: internationally-recognized experts on effective communication, pitch strategies and more will join on the LIVE WEBINARS
  • If you wish, you can be assigned an ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER – so you have someone who will join you on your journey, after the FIVE DAY COURSE has completed.
  • Access to all materials for ONE YEAR, including the RECORDED WEBINARS, VIDEOS, ASSIGNMENTS and more!
  • Opportunities to 

What exactly is an accountability partnership? The accountability partner (or accountability partnerships) are designed to reinforce key learning, and provide an outlet for greater service, as well as enhanced dialogue, outside of the group sessions. Partners will be assigned by Chris Westfall, and guidance will be provided for exercises and reinforcement for you and your partner(s). Click here to reserve your spot!What if I can’t make it to the Group Calls?You can still access the recordings of the calls. You have exclusive and password-protected access to the group coaching calls. And, you’ll be able to email me directly, if you’ve got questions that need further discussion. Your input – on the group calls and elsewhere – is the key to your output! Make the investment in yourself, and let’s look at what’s missing. That’s why the materials and the group insights are being provided – so that you can make new discoveries, and tap into peak performance. Click here to reserve your spot!Is there opportunity for interaction and personal attention? YES. The group calls allow an opportunity to address your questions and observe as others receive guidance as well. You can communicate via email with me personally. And, if you need further connection, you can select a one on one coaching opportunity, if you choose. There will be ample opportunity to access the feedback you need, and the group size will be monitored to allow for interaction. Click here to reserve your spot!Will you introduce me to investors?That’s not part of the program. However, I will introduce you to expert resources for improving your message, increasing your impact, and enhancing your potential for success. Special guests will join us during the group calls. Click here to reserve your spot!What if I’m not satisfied with the program?Regardless of what payment plan you choose, you can receive a full refund anytime, no questions asked, during the first 30 days of the program. Because if you’re not satisfied, I’m not satisfied. Your satisfaction is guaranteed – there’s no risk.  However, after the 30th day of the program, no refunds will be given for any reason.  You will have access to the entire program, with exclusive content designed around you, your business ideas, and your potential. Click here to reserve your spot!I’m concerned about sharing my business ideas with others. What’s your confidentiality policy?Your confidentiality is guaranteed, and a non-disclosure can be shared upon your request. The group coaching provides an opportunity to talk about business issues and challenges without going into the realm of proprietary content or intellectual property. Everyone who participates in the program understands the importance of confidentiality – if you are coming to the program to steal someone else’s ideas, you’re not welcome.  Violating confidentiality or other inappropriate behavior (for example: trying to sell something in the group call, asking others in the group for money or investment) will result in removal with no refund. The Group Coaching program is just that: an opportunity to join a group of like-minded individuals, who value privacy and confidentiality. Click here to reserve your spot!Will there be a Facebook Group?No. There will not be a Facebook group because, to be frank, I don’t like Facebook groups. It’s better to work with one or two committed individuals, with guided instruction on how to get the most out of the program. It’s far more impactful to work in a small group, for this type of coaching, instead of posting your musings onto an online forum. Click here to reserve your spot!Do I have to have an accountability partner? No, you don’t . You can opt out when you take the self-assessment survey.  However, you may miss out on the full impact of the coaching without an accountability partner. Click here to reserve your spot!file-text-o

Don’t go it alone – get started with group coaching. 


Find the funding you need, and fuel your innovation.


Stand out: Your ideas deserve to be heard! 

The Peak Performance Group Coaching Starts APRIL 9 – 

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Peak PerformanceGroup COACHINGWith Chris Westfall  

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AFTER your PAYMENT is PROCESSED:You will be automatically redirected to a confirmation page, where you will complete the self-assessment survey. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, there are 13 simple questions.

You will receive your login credentials and instructions to access the first video within the next hour via email, once your payment has processed.  

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