VIDEO 5: I'll Never Forget the Time When

Conversational strategies that can help you to connect with the past, and bring your experience into the present. Strategies for tapping in to authenticity, with an example that demonstrates the power of an authentic memory, bravely shared.

Your assignment here is a simple one: use the prompt, and think of a defining moment in your life, your career or your relationship. Describe it simply and clearly by focusing on action words to describe where you were and what you did.  How did this event shape you as a person, and as a professional? 

To make sure that your conversation is persuasive (not just a trip down memory lane). make sure that your personal story connects back to the solution you can provide for the person right in front of you. Notice how, in the example using the nurse, a personal story shifts from sadness to hope. There's not a lot of detail about the chemotherapy, for example, or other struggles. Do you need it? No. Move quickly from what is known (Cancer is a horrible disease) to what is unknown (how adversity has made you stronger).  

Ask yourself: How much detail is really necessary, to make your point?  

What sort of change have you created in your life, and in the lives of the people you care about, because of your past?

Is your story a history lesson? Because we've seen that just talking about the past isn't persuasive - it's merely informative. in order to make your story relevant, you've got to connect your history to the person right in front of you. You're not trying to evoke sympathy (even if your story is an emotional one, as we see in the example). Instead, look at how you overcame your circumstances, and helped others to do the same. Remember the time when the odds were against you, and you still managed to win? Tell that story, and keep your message relevant, focused and compelling. 

Length: 5:25

VIDEO 6: How to Introduce the Unexpected

Leveraging the power of the High Concept, here's how to create the "Tell me more". Use what's familiar to introduce what's intriguing, enticing and compelling within your solution. Guidance here on how to get people to "lean in" and engage, as you present new ideas and initiatives.  Length: 6:55

VIDEO 7: The Source of True Wealth

Creating a compelling call to action. How to structure the "ask", no matter what it is that you are asking for, without feeling pushy or fake. Here's how to see your proposed action as a gift, and how to use an invitation to your greatest advantage.

Length: 3:59

VIDEO 8: The Nature Of Agreement

Looking at a scientific study into the nature of agreement and compliance. Insight into a simple phrase and approach, designed to generate greater engagement in your ideas. This video quite possibly provides insight into one of the most persuasive words in any language.  Length: 5:42

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